Weight 48 oz
Dimensions 7 × 7 × 12 in

8 oz bottle, 32 oz bottle, Gallon bottle

2 reviews for Deadly Nightshade Solution

  1. shadefxnwa (verified owner)

    DNS is so beyond amazing, there are not enough words to describe it! It was all I would tan myself in but I was using another brand on clients and hoarding DNS for myself until one day I realized how ridiculous that was. I started using DNS on clients ranging in skin types and bam, gorgeous color, wear, and fade. My clients are loving DNS over my tried and true solution and are booking appointments with notes telling me they want the same solution we used last time. DNS is extremely versatile and has the ability to get DARK. I’m frustrated with myself that it took me so long to start using it on clients and now I’m never looking back! Don’t sleep on Deadly Nightshade; just buy her up!!

  2. pixiedusttanningco

    Okay….. let me explain lol
    I had the classic, ‘I want to be dark, but not too dark’ client.

    I did a 12% she wasn’t happy. Sprayed her again with a 16%. She wasn’t happy. Sprayed her with Deadly Night Shade, she LOVED IT! I now keep it in stick for my want to be super dark girlies.

    So thankful I finally found a reliable, local, DARK solution. Thank you Evolition Tans! Replacing my empty bottle ASAP.

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Deadly Nightshade Solution

(2 customer reviews)

A shade so dark it’s deadly. Our exclusive blend of bronzers instantly deliver you the deep dark tan you have been craving. Infused with mystical skin-nourishing extracts to smooth the skin and deliver a flawless natural glow. This is The Evolution of Solution. 


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